Ewa Gorska - Artist’s Statement

My kiln-formed glass reflects my fascination with interaction between light, colour and texture. My glass pieces are frequently textured, they may have their normal “glassy” shine or they may be satin or even matte. However, they always encourage the viewer to touch them and to view them up close to discover their fine details.

Some of my work is inspired by the beauty of the Yorkshire Dales where I live and work for a few years now. Another group is reflecting my experiences of various cultures and locations I had good fortune to visit or to live in during my former life of a corporate creature. Some of my designs will also reveal hints of folk culture from my home country, Poland. As a result my designs hugely vary which also reflects my passion for experimenting with a range of techniques available in this amazing medium.

My glass art is now in a museum as well as in private collections in many homes and offices across four continents from New Zealand and Australia to Asia, South Africa, Europe as well as Unites States and Canada.

More about me:

I was born in Warsaw, Poland. I always enjoyed travels and I visited a lot of countries over the years both during holidays and on business. I lived in Germany before arriving to the UK in 2000 to participate in a project run from the North East by my employer at that time. During my early stay in the UK I also spent prolonged periods of time in Switzerland.

In 2005, after many years of corporate life, I decided to leave the business world behind and explore my artistic interests. Over the years following my arrival to the UK I took a series of fine art, interior design, kiln-formed glass and silversmithing courses.

In 2006, I first started my kiln-formed glass business in Newcastle-Upon-Tyne. In 2007, I moved to the Yorkshire Dales and I set up my independent glass studio and gallery in Reeth with extremely generous and invaluable help from my life partner, Keith.

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